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Arlington Major Injury Treatment

Treating Life’s Major Health Complications

A major injury or illness can involve any health concern or complication that potentially diminishes your health with irreversible damage, inducing incapacitated disability, or death. We offer an extensive list of emergency treatments, such as major sports injuries; whereas a sprain involves injury to a ligament, a strain pertains to injury onto the tendons, and our emergency center can help with the healing process utilizing treatments like the RICE method and splinting or bracing. If you are suffering from severe abdominal, chest, or back pain, CT scans, low-radiation-emitting x-rays, and other advanced technology can help us diagnose and choose the best course of action for treatment.

If for any reason your health complications require more advanced and severe treatments that our facility cannot deliver or need the extra monitoring of hospitalization, our proactive staff will keep in close contact with and refer you to a local hospital.

Contact the team at PrimeCare Emergency Center by calling (682) 253-6655. Consult with our experts and learn more about our Arlington emergency services for major injuries.

Major Illness / Injury Treatments

Life-Threatening Conditions

At PrimeCare Emergency Center, our highly experienced professional experts are able to treat some of the most severe injuries and illnesses, including:

  • Accidental Poisoning – Visit our office immediately if you or a loved one experiences symptoms such as redness or burning around the lips or mouth, vomiting, breathing difficulties, chemical-smelling breath, or drowsiness, and if possible, bring any portion of the substance that was ingested, inhaled, or has made contact with your skin or eyes to distinguish the best course of treatment to prevent further health complications.

  • Ankle Injuries – There are many causes for pain around your ankles, such as torn cartilage and Achilles tendinitis. Treatments vary but will involve follow-ups and post-care monitoring to ensure your rehabilitation is on the right track to complete recovery.

  • Asthma – We treat moderate to severe asthma flare-ups that aren’t threatening enough to seek expensive hospitalization, but still necessitate urgent care unable to wait for a doctor’s appointment and approval for a prescribed inhaler.

  • Burns – Any burns that are second-degree or higher will require medical attention as soon as possible because of its permeation into the dermis layer, the subcutaneous tissue, leaving your exposed tissue at risk of infection.

  • Cuts and Lacerations – No matter the location or depth of the wound, be it in the eye or partially severed digits, our proficient staff is skillful and compassionately ready to help treat your wound and get your cut or laceration to heal swiftly and soundly.

  • Concussions – We assess and care for head injuries utilizing up-to-date medical imaging technology such as CT scans to help identify the area of head trauma and ultimately prevent long-term brain damage as well as an increased risk of dementia from developing.

  • Cat/Dog bites – The bites of dogs and cats alike can bring infection, pain, and even nerve injury if not treated properly. Our trained emergency care providers can help assess for signs of infection, clean the wound and extract any damaged tissue and if necessary, stitch the wound and prescribe an antibiotic in case of infection.

  • Dehydration – Treatment for dehydration involves replenishing lost electrolytes as well as fluids, with minor cases of dehydration being reversed with oral re-hydration therapy, or for more severe cases, treatment with IV fluids may be needed.

  • Dislocation – The displacement of two or more bones necessitates immediate medical attention, not only because of the intense pain experienced but also for the potential risk of permanent nerve as well as tendon damage.

  • Eye Injuries – The eyes are extremely delicate, and if traumatic force has injured the eyes or any foreign objects or irritating chemicals have entered the region, seeking immediate assistance can help prevent irreversible damage or even blindness from arising.

  • Fractures – A simple cast or a splint can help treat most broken or fractured bones. Our emergency specialists will take diagnostic digital x-rays to ensure the fracture is healing.

  • Insect Bites – Insect bites and stings can result in allergic reactions or symptoms of diseases transferred from the bug such as West Nile virus, Zika, Lyme disease, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

  • Pneumonia – As long as no serious hospitalization is required, our care center can accommodate to your specific type and severity of pneumonia, prescribing antibiotics for most bacterial pneumonia, followed by possible assistance taking steroid medicine and/or cough suppressants.

  • Tachycardia – If you experience chronic tachycardia (a heart rate of over 100 bpm), or an acute accelerated heartbeat with no life-threatening symptoms of a heart attack, consult with our 24-hour clinic so that we can verify the cause or source of your tachycardia and verify that no serious or more advanced treatments are necessary.

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